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Do you have a question about your plumbing system? Chances are someone else may have experienced a similar plumbing issue. Progressive Services has answered many questions from mysterious odors to complex boiler systems from central Florida residents. You may find your answer here or ask and a Progressive Services plumbing expert will try our best to answer your question. Check back often!

I have a foul odor coming from a back bathroom we never use unless company visits, what is the problem?
Bathroom fixtures are equipped with P Traps that keep sewer gases out by utilizing a water seal in the trap. Naturally water will evaporate and allow the gases to pass by. Run each fixture for a couple of seconds to replenish the trap seal and you should find the odor will disappear.  

When I run hot water the water has a sulfur like smell, what is causing this?
This could be a couple of things. If you are on a well it could be just the natural smell of the water supply. If you are on city water check that the temperature of the water heater is not set to low. I recommend setting water heaters at no higher than 120 degrees. Proper maintenance on your water heater will eliminate the smell also I recommend a complete flushing of the tank and check up.

I have a septic tank how often should I have it serviced?
Septic systems should be serviced at least once every four years. Solids like paper could be passing thru the tank to your drain field which will in effect clog the drain field requiring it to be rejuvenated or replaced which is a very costly repair. You may not notice any symptoms of a malfunctioning septic system until it has failed.  

I have roots in my sewer line how can I get rid of them?
Call Progressive Services we will remove the roots without damaging your sewer system. Roots can grow to enormous lengths completely undetected until it finally closes the pipe. It has been said that you can dump root killer down your drain to kill the root it may kill the root but still blocks the pipe. Some cases require a portion of the sewer system to be replaced. I recommend you consult a professional plumber.

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